µLogger iOS - Track your Tracks

I like to track my tours when i ride the bike. But i didnt like if the data is closed stored in any App or Software where i am not the owner.

Of course, iOS and Android are tracking the user aswell and store the data by her own , but here i want realy to see the complete track with some kind of notes.

However, i found a wonderfull piece of OpenSoftware with the Name "µLogger" µLogger GitHub.

There some realy interesting selfhosted pearls of Software. But most of them are using composer or othere dependencies which are not realy needed in my mind.

µLogger is quite simple and written in PHP and does exactly what i need and want.

It can collect your GPS Data, arange them to one track and display it on a OSM based layer.

The only issue is here, µLogger only support, for now, Android OS and its own App. But i own and iPhone. So i wrote a litte wrapper, which collect the Data from the iOS App "Traccar Client". Point the URL of the App to the "ulogger_traccar.php" on youre server and the field "Device Identifier" get the Track ID you want. If the Track ID does not exist, it will created.

µLogger Traccar GitHub Gist